Using the Rasch Regression Model

Pinnacle partnered with Dr. Matt O'Connor, Dr. Christine Fox and Dr. Svetlana Beltyukova from Inference, LLC to get a better understanding of what specific areas facilities should focus on to make the most impact on improving their overall satisfaction levels. Using a Rasch regression model, the researchers at Inference found five drivers that had an excellent probability of predicting outcomes for the rating from our Recommend to Others question, "Please rate how likely you would be to recommend [FACILITY] to someone else."

Additionally, the researchers at Inference helped develop a prediction schedule. This schedule identifies the optimal satisfaction levels for each of the five drivers in order to give you the best chance for improving the score on your Recommend to Others question. Please remember that these predictions are based off of probabilities, achieving your goals in the five areas, may not lead to the exact Recommend to Others outcome, but it will give you a very high probability of reaching your goal.

By focusing on these five areas, specifically the areas that are furthest away from the targets, you are most likely to have a significant impact on your Recommend to Others rating.