Mystery Shopper

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How specific is the Mystery Shop caller?

When we perform a Mystery Shop, we call using a generic scenario. However, if you have a specific scenario you would like us to use, we can. Here are examples of the two types of calls we can make.

Non-Specific Shop Example:

(We use this scenario if you do not supply us with a specific scenario.)

We call and say we are starting to look for a place for our family member to go to.  We really don’t know what to ask because this is a first-time placement for us. We ask them to tell us something about their facility. We are hoping they will provide us with enough information to attract us to come and take a tour of the facility. The scenario can be a placement from the hospital to a care center or from home to a care center.

Specific Shop Example:

(If you are interested in conducting a mystery shop for a specific type of admission, let us know and we can conduct a more specific mystery shop. Below is an example of the information you could provide.)

Background:  Our caller is a son or daughter calling about a short stay for their dad. He had a stroke over a week ago, was in the hospital for six days, and his doctor believes that he will be able to recover well enough to return home where he lived with his wife before the stroke. He has a history of high blood pressure that is controlled with medication and he quit smoking 10 years ago. He will be ready for discharge in a couple of days.

Patient name:





Rehab Potent:


Admit Date:

Melvin Gadberry



Right side neglect, able to sit up requires PT, OT, and ST

Alert and oriented




We will try to get them to ask us for a hospital name, the patient’s name, our name and a contact telephone number. The objective of the call is to see if someone will follow up on a guaranteed admission. We also want to see if they will take our information and have someone call us back if they are unable to supply us with the answers we are seeking. We will see if they suggest a tour of the facility. 

How are the shops recorded?

Each mystery shop is recorded when we begin dialing the facility telephone number. The recording ends when the facility hangs up the phone. Call recordings may not be available in all states.

The file will show the following information:

  • Time

  • Date

  • Call length

  • How many times the phone rang before it was answered

  • Hold times

  • Return calls from the facility, return number included

How long will we wait on hold before hanging Up?

We will wait on hold for five minutes. After that, we consider this a completed call and will not try to contact the facility again on this round of calls, unless instructed to do so. If a facility is contacted a second time during the current round of mystery shops, this will be considered a second shop and be charged as such.

What happens if we get disconnected?

We will make a second attempt. If we are once again disconnected, we will consider this a completed call and charge as such.

What if no one answers the Phone at the facility?

If no one answers the telephone, we will let it ring and then we will hang up and consider this a completed call.

When do we give a return telephone number?

We will give a return telephone number if the company we are mystery shopping requests it. If someone returns the call, they will get a recorded message that states the number they have reached and that Pinnacle has conducted a mystery shop. The message request that they leave their name, telephone number, and the facility they are calling from. The recorded message will be included with the original mystery shop.