Mystery Shopper

How to Coach an Employee After a Low Mystery Shop Score


The way you follow up after a Mystery Shop can have a big impact on the future performance of your employees. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind:

  1. Listen to the recording (if available in your state) and review the Mystery Shop with your employee.

  2. Invite the employee to comment about the situation and assess his or her performance.

  3. Acknowledge that everyone has a bad day or that circumstances can be less than ideal sometimes.

  4. Remind your employee that customer experience is important at every interaction. Encourage your employee to ensure he or she provides the best possible customer experience at each interaction.

  5. Ask the employee what he or she could have done to provide better customer service.

  6. Ask follow up questions to identify what additional support or training the employee feels is needed.

  7. Provide support and training where needed.