Customer Satisfaction

Which Reports To Expect


Monthly Facility-Level Reports:


The interview page shows the transcript of the customer satisfaction survey. Questions that are not rated are marked as an “NS” and have no impact on the overall score.

Location Summary

The location summary is a collection of graphs and figures that are delivered each time a set of satisfaction surveys are completed (usually monthly, but in some cases quarterly). The location summary has figures that are specific to a single location. Tip: The Location Summary does not contain PHI, and is ideal to share with staff members as well as interested parties outside of your organization.

Comment Alerts

Comment Alerts help diffuse serious complaint issues. Clients receive an immediate notification, along with a copy of the interview, when any of the following items are mentioned during a phone survey:

  • Discharge because of dissatisfaction

  • State involvement

  • Litigation

  • Risk management issues (medication, injury, etc.)


Monthly Company-Level Reports:

Compares each facility side-by-side. (For companies with multiple locations.)

Multi-Location Comparison

Compares each region side-by-side. (For companies with multiple regions.)

Multi-Region Comparison

Company-wide snapshot from the month.

Corporate Summary

Ranks each facility within a company. (Only for companies with many facilities.)

Location Ranking

This quarterly report summarizes the number of scored fours and fives. It is a rolling 12-month average.

Executive Summary


Semi-Annual Reports:

(Semi-annual reports are delivered in February and July. They contain 12 months’ worth of data.)

Comments from open-ended questions through the prior 12 months are grouped together by question and ordered by date.

Comment Summary

Response Report

These reports show the percentage of respondents that selected each rating value. Contains a summary of all data from the prior 12 months.