Customer Satisfaction

Focus Area

New Feature

(For SNF, ALF, and ILF customers who use Pinnacle Customer Satisfaction surveys.)

Gone are the days of combing through your Semi-Annual report and comparing numbers to identify which area your location should focus on. Pinnacle Quality Insight does it for you now!

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Using a proprietary algorithm, Pinnacle has identified which questions from the Pinnacle customer satisfaction survey most strongly correlate with the, "How likely are you to recommend others to this location," question. Based on the feedback from your surveys, Pinnacle will determine which of the five key drivers, or areas of focus, you should direct your efforts to. These areas vary depending on whether you are a skilled nursing facility, assisted living community, or independent living community.


Skilled Nursing Focus Areas

  1. Dignity & Respect

  2. Response to Problems

  3. Nursing Care

  4. Individual Needs

  5. Communication

Assisted Living Focus Areas

  1. Response to Problems

  2. Personal Care

  3. Communication

  4. Dignity & Respect

  5. Cleanliness

Independent Living Focus Areas

  1. Cleanliness

  2. Communication

  3. Dignity & Respect

  4. Response to Problems

  5. Safety


When you receive your Semi-Annual Report, Pinnacle will provide your location's Focus Area (see the lists above). This focus area is specific to your location. If you manage or oversee more than one location, each location will receive its own focus area. By improving in your focus area, your location has the highest likelihood of improving it's Recommend to Others rating. Every six months, Pinnacle will re-calculate your Focus Area based on your newest feedback.



If you receive emails for a single location, your focus area will appear in the body of your email. Please note that if you receive email for more than one location, the focus areas for these locations will not appear in the body of your email.


You can see your focus area on the My Data tab when you're logged into My.Pinnacle. If you manage or oversee multiple locations, you will be able to see the focus areas for all the locations you have permissions to view.

Comment Summary

Additionally, when you visit the Comment Summary report, the page with your focus area on it will have a target, or scope, symbol next to it so you can easily identify which section of comments on which to focus.