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People Are Our Purpose

Our method of measuring customer satisfaction stems from our belief that individuals are the most important part of healthcare. We believe healthcare should be evaluated just as it is administered—individually.

We understand senior and long-term care because that is where our founder started. Stan Magleby owned and operated a successful nursing and home health facility. The knowledge he gained from his experience became the framework for Pinnacle’s healthcare customer satisfaction interviews.

“Our primary goal is to make our clients better healthcare providers. We feel lucky to serve people who dedicate their lives to others.”

Stan Magleby

Founder & President

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Ease of Use

Pinnacle interviews residents and family members and employees to gather and report their satisfaction levels to senior care providers. The interviews take place over the telephone, providing a convenient way for respondents to easily share their thoughts and feelings.

In the interview, we ask respondents open-ended questions and to provide a rating for other questions. If they rate an area low, we ask clarifying questions to learn why they chose those ratings. Because we do this, operators are better able to understand how to improve in weak areas. Additionally, 98 percent of respondents choose to include their name on their survey. This personal feedback allows the provider to address each individual’s unique needs so that problems can be solved and people can be served better.

Customer Satisfaction Interviews

Our Process

  • We request your customer contact information monthly.

  • Our Utah-based interviewers call randomly selected customers from the list you provide.

  • Our open-ended questions create a positive experience for respondents.

  • Our editors carefully transcribe each response.

  • We quickly notify you if there is a Comment Alert™. These include mentions of litigation, state issues, discharge planning due to dissatisfaction, risk and pain management issues, medication issues, and placement referrals.

  • We upload your monthly report in your My Pinnacle account.

Your Interview Results


An interview packet containing the following:

  • Statistical reports that include aggregated data, graphs, trends and benchmark comparisons.

  • Results from all the interviews we conducted.

  • Scores based on a five-point scale (five being the highest).

  • Transcribed comments with clarification on areas that scored a 3 or lower.

  • Five key drivers you can focus on to improve your overall score. We have outlined five key drivers that one can focus on each month to help you to improve your overall score, as well as to ensure that you are the “Provider of Choice”. The report provides feedback on the areas where you need to improve and the areas in which you excel.

Comment Summary

This is a collection of text responses that is sorted by date. They come from the three core open-ended questions included on most Pinnacle surveys: “Areas Appreciated,” “Recommended Improvements,” and “Valued Most” statements. This report comes semiannually and includes 12 months of rolling data.

Response Report

This report begins by showing the percentage of respondents who selected each of the five possible ratings for each question. It then compares that data to the national average. Every question has a detailed report of all text comments that are grouped by rating and sorted by date. The report also provides a long-term historical comparison with year-over-year averages and trends for each question.

The Benefits

  • Receive your surveys within days of their completion.

  • Receive Comment Alerts™ in almost real time.

  • Higher response rates because we contact approximately 70 percent of your customer base over the course of a year. A low margin of error because of our high response rates.

  • Follow up directly (98% of respondents choose to include their name on the survey responses).

  • See how operational changes affect your monthly scores.

  • Include CoreQ questions in your surveys and see the results on the AHCA LTC TrendTracker.

  • Share the data from the reports with your staff to increase employee engagement. Include results from your surveys in your company’s marketing initiatives. Provide reports to ACO and Managed Care partners.