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Remind Customers About Our Services

Don't surprise residents and family members with a survey request. Let them know you'd love to receive their feedback and that Pinnacle Quality Insight, a third-party survey company, will reach out to them in the next few months. It's likely you'll receive a higher response rate by reaching out before they receive a call from us.

Below, you'll find an example letter you can give to your residents and their family members. Feel free to adjust it as needed for your purposes.


Dear [Resident or Family Member],

We are committed to your satisfaction, which is why we appreciate your feedback. We have partnered with Pinnacle Quality Insight, a third-party survey company, to periodically interview our customers regarding their impression of our service. We use this feedback to improve our quality of care and enhance our relationships with you and your family.

These calls are short, and while we conduct interviews with customers throughout the year, the most we will contact you for an interview is twice a year. The person who calls will introduce themselves as a Pinnacle interviewer before asking you questions. Pinnacle exclusively conducts customer satisfaction feedback surveys for the healthcare industry and follows all state and federal confidentiality laws. We will not receive your name in connection with your survey unless you choose to share it.

We value your opinion and encourage you to be frank and honest when Pinnacle contacts you. Please be assured that we will use the information you share to improve our overall quality of service, strengthen our commitment to customer satisfaction, and enhance your experience with us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the number or email address below.


[Your Location Name]

[Your Telephone Number]

[An Email Address Where They Can Ask Questions]