Customer Satisfaction

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Frequently Asked Questions

What resident information do you need?

Since we conduct our surveys via telephone, we need updated cell and direct phone numbers for all residents, family members, and responsible parties. When you submit your information through your medical records system, it must have these updated phone numbers.


How do you select respondents?

We use a random selection process to determine who to contact each month. If a respondent is contacted more than once in a four- to six-month period, it is because we have exhausted all other eligible names on the list prior to contacting the respondent again.

Why do you survey respondents twice per year?

Our surveys are designed to interview the same person up to two times per year. Our surveys are a measurement tool. The first interview establishes a baseline for improvement. The second interview helps you to determine if the requested improvements and changes have been made.

Why do the survey amounts fluctuate?

We work to obtain a consistent number of survey results each month; however, it is normal for this number to fluctuate occasionally. We carefully monitor your response rate and adjust it based on the number of responses.

For example, if your location has a high response rate and plenty of people to contact, we can increase the survey amount. In contrast, if we are having trouble obtaining full survey amounts for several months in a row, we may need to temporarily decrease the survey amount.

It can take a few months before the average response rate is established for a new client. The first few months of service are valuable because this is when we start to see response trends and potential problems with reaching respondents.

Do you screen family members before interviewing them?

Yes, we screen all respondents before we begin surveying them. We do so to gain a broad variety of feedback for you. However, before beginning surveying a family member we ask how often they have visited the resident. If the respondent is unfamiliar with the care or has not visited the resident recently, we try not to continue the survey. Some family members who have not visited frequently may still wish to continue with the survey. We never decline administering a survey to someone who requests to take it.

PLEASE NOTE: It can be frustrating to receive low scores from a family member who is not familiar with the resident’s care. In those cases, we like to remind our clients that even if a family member gives inaccurate or negative feedback, it is likely the family member is also sharing this information with those in the community. Our surveys provide you with the opportunity to contact those family members to work on correcting misconceptions they may have about your facility. Negative feedback is powerful because it can help you know where to focus your efforts.


How can I increase my survey responses?

Marketing the surveys to your residents is the key to receiving a strong response rate. It can be tempting to send us your resident contact information and then not think about the surveys again until they are completed. However, the better you communicate to your residents and their family members that they may be contacted for a customer satisfaction survey, the more likely they will be to complete the survey.

We have a memo you are welcome to edit and distribute regularly to your residents & their family members. This can help prepare them for the survey and encourage them to participate.


What should I do if a respondent includes their name on their survey?

Our surveys give your residents and their family members a voice. If a respondent provides their name on the survey instead of staying anonymous, we encourage you to thank them for their comments. Provide feedback to them on any suggested improvements. If they have participated in a survey it is because they want to be heard.


Additional questions?

Our team is here to ensure your Customer Satisfaction Surveys are a success. If you have questions, please call or email us. It is a pleasure to assist you.