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Best In Class

Pinnacle Quality Insight issues Best in Class certificates to companies performing in the top 15 percent of each quality indicator measured on Pinnacle customer satisfaction surveys.

Pinnacle Quality Insight is a nationally recognized Customer Satisfaction provider for Senior and Long Term Care, with approximately 1,500 clients throughout the United States. Pinnacle conducts phone-based satisfaction interviews with residents, family members, and employees of Senior Care providers to measure their satisfaction levels. Depending on the provider type, respondents are asked to evaluate between 12 and 16 specific categories of service or “Quality Indicators”.

Over the past year, Pinnacle has interviewed over 90,000 individuals nationwide. After compiling the data from these interviews, Pinnacle has identified which companies perform at the top ten percent for each Quality Indicator, by comparing companies to similar care providers on the same questionnaire nationwide. The top ten percent are presented with a “Best in Class” rating, which are awarded in February and July with a rolling 12 month look-back.

A national sample this large provides companies with a comparison score with less than 1% margin of error to the actual national average. Companies receiving this prestigious award can confidently know they are performing at the highest level for the Quality Indicator awarded, compared to other companies nationwide.

Many facilities don’t start out as top performers, but over time become Best in Class from utilizing the feedback gained from Pinnacle’s Customer Satisfaction interviews.

Pinnacle offers Customer Experience Award™ plaques and window clings to those who have achieved this honor.


Customer Experience Award™


A senior healthcare advocate for over 20 years, Pinnacle Quality Insight has established the Customer Experience Award™ in order to ensure that every resident/patient receives exceptional assistance from his or her provider. Focusing on long-term and post-acute care, Pinnacle conducts thousands of monthly surveys in order to establish a comprehensive review of its clients that will determine the quality of their products and services. To date, residents/patients have been surveyed regarding their experience with over 2,100 organizations in every state in the country.

In addition to reviewing nursing facilities, rehabilitation providers, assisted/independent living communities, home health agencies and hospice agencies, Pinnacle also provides valuable information about intermediate care facilities for the developmentally disabled (ICF/DD). In order to qualify for Pinnacle's industry standard awards, clients must achieve a cumulative Best in Class customer satisfaction rating across a calendar year.


Following the belief that quality healthcare is achieved by focusing on the individual, Pinnacle emphasizes the ability to choose a provider based upon the factors that matter most to each resident/patient. With dozens of Customer Experience Award™ categories available for each client to qualify for, Pinnacle offers seniors and their families the opportunity to make an informed decision based upon their own needs. As an organization that shares the same values as Pinnacle, you will be able to communicate to current and future residents/patients your continued dedication to providing the very best healthcare services available. A sample of awards available includes:

  • Overall Safety

  • Communication

  • Care of Patients

  • Response to Problems

  • Treatment/Dignity

  • Cleanliness

  • Quality of Food

  • Activities

  • Chaplain Services

  • Recommend Agency/Facility to Others


Executive Summary

Reports that show quarterly scores and benchmarks that can be used for board meetings.


Margin of Error

The margin of error is also known as a confidence interval. This calculation assumes a worst-case scenario percentage of 50%.



A company that owns more than one location.



An online data warehouse that houses all of the Pinnacle reports and provides a secure location to discuss reports.

My.Pinnacle features:

  • Engage in discussions about the reports

  • Ask  account manager questions

  • See who has and has not viewed the report

  • Tag another user to call out report specifics

My.Pinnacle allows individual users to adjust their own notification preferences. By default, the system informs all users when new reports are available via email. The email includes a password-secured direct link to the new report(s).