Customer Satisfaction

Next Steps


Your Focus Area

(SNF, ALF, and ILF customers)

Using a proprietary algorithm, Pinnacle has identified which questions from the Pinnacle customer satisfaction survey most strongly correlate with the, "How likely are you to recommend others to this location," question. Based on the feedback from your surveys, Pinnacle will determine which of the five key drivers, or areas of focus, you should direct your efforts to. These areas vary depending on whether you are a skilled nursing facility, assisted living community, or independent living community.

Possible Focus Areas

Skilled Nursing

  1. Dignity & Respect

  2. Response to Problems

  3. Nursing Care

  4. Individual Needs

  5. Communication

Assisted Living

  1. Response to Problems

  2. Personal Care

  3. Communication

  4. Dignity & Respect

  5. Cleanliness

Independent Living

  1. Cleanliness

  2. Communication

  3. Dignity & Respect

  4. Response to Problems

  5. Safety

This focus area is specific to your location. If you manage or oversee more than one location, each location will receive its own focus area. By improving in your focus area, your location has the highest likelihood of improving it's Recommend to Others rating. Every six months, Pinnacle will re-calculate your Focus Area based on your newest feedback.

Where to Find It


If you receive emails for a single location, your focus area will in a data tile that will appear in the body of your email. Please note that if you receive email for more than one location, the focus areas for these locations will not appear in the body of your email.


You can also see your data tile on the My Data tab when you're logged into My.Pinnacle. If you manage or oversee multiple locations, you will be able to see the focus areas for all the locations you have permissions to view.

Record Your Goal

Write down your actual Recommend to Others percentage, the name of your focus area, and the actual and benchmark percentages for your focus area on a piece of paper that you can share with others.


  • Open the most recent 12-Month Respondent Summary report. Find the comment section about your focus area.

    • Read through all the comments looking for ideas of what you can do to improve the focus area.

    • Pay special attention to comments that repeatedly come up, whether positive or negative.

    • Review your historical scores for the focus area. Are they trending up or down?

  • Open the most recent 12-Month Comment Summary report.

    • Read the Areas Appreciated and the Recommended Improvements comments looking for feedback that relates to your focus area.

  • Read the best practice guide Pinnacle publishes about how to improve your focus area.

  • Educate The Staff. Display your recorded goal (the paper you created in the above steps) in a place where your staff will frequently see it. Explain to the staff what you are going to do to improve the focus area. Let them know you will all be focusing on this particular area each month.


  • Review your Recommend to Others and Focus Area scores each month.

  • Open the most recent Location Summary report. Look for every instance that refers to your Recommend to Others score and your focus area in the report.

    • Are they trending up or down?

    • Are they above or below National Average and Best in Class benchmarks?

    • Update the scores and keep them posted where your staff will frequently see them.

  • Pay special attention to the focus area when you read the Customer Interview(s). Discuss the feedback and how it relates to your focus area in the Discussion area on My.Pinnacle and in staff meetings.

  • Every staff member should know what is the focus area.