Customer Satisfaction

Monthly Steps



Carefully read and respond to each survey. Open the most recent Customer Interview(s) report.

  • Discuss the survey with your department heads.

  • Congratulate department heads on positive feedback. Using the Discussion Portal in My.Pinnacle, tag your department heads and congratulate them on customer successes. Encourage them to share that feedback with their team.

  • Using the Discussion Portal, ask department heads for their input about negative feedback or questions that have come up in the survey. If you stay consistent with this practice, department heads will start to respond to questions or concerns without being prompted. That is an excellent sign that your team is adopting a culture focused on customer satisfaction.

  • Reach out to the respondent, whether the feedback is positive or negative, thanking them for their time. Let them know how their feedback helps your organization. Taking the time to do this lets the respondent know that you are paying attention to their needs, which sends a powerful service message.

  • If there are problems, do your best to solve any issues that the respondent has brought up. Let the respondent know what you did. If you can’t quickly solve the problem, tell them what you are doing to correct it.

  • Recognize or reward any staff members who are positively mentioned in a survey. Each survey usually has at least one staff member who is positively recognized by the respondent. Use this opportunity to recognize those staff members in front of the entire team. This helps reinforce a culture focused on customer service. You can use Pinnacle’s Certificate Generator to help with this recognition.

Ensure Your Staff Is Reviewing The Reports. Check the Delivery Details on the Discussion page in My.Pinnacle to make sure your department heads are reading the Customer Interview(s).

  • Tag staff members in the discussion section to draw their attention to a particular report.

  • Staff members without access to the reports can sign up on the My.Pinnacle registration page.