Customer Satisfaction

Comment Alerts


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Occasionally, respondents provide comments that we flag as needing urgent attention. These comments may include mentions amount medication, safety, litigation, state complaints, discharge because of satisfaction, and risk management issues.

Because of the volatile state of these types of comments, we report them to you immediately as Comment Alerts. When we share these comments, it is not to pass judgment. Instead, it is to provide you with the highest-quality of feedback support.


Who Receives These Alerts?

When your account is established, we create a distribution list according to your company’s request. Comment Alerts™ are sent to those on this distribution list. To confirm who is on your Comment Alerts™ distribution list, check with your product administrator.


Best Practices: Comment Alerts

We recommend you respond to these critical issues immediately. Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Meet as a committee to discuss the Comment Alerts as they occur.

    1. Discuss the issue.

    2. Make an action plan.

    3. Determine how and when everyone will report back.

  2. Reach out to the respondent to thank them for their feedback. Explain how you plan to fix the problem and that you will report back when it is resolved.

  3. Work as a committee to fix the problem based off the action plan.

  4. Report back to your committee and the resident when the problem has been resolved.