Customer Satisfaction

Recognizing Employees


Taking the time to recognize employees who have gone out of their way to do a great job can make a big difference in your company culture. Providing positive feedback and acknowledging a job well done encourages staff members to do their best work.

We make it easy for you to recognize hard-working employees. In our surveys, we ask respondents if there are any employees they would like to mention as someone who has provided extraordinary service. These employees are listed in the monthly reports you receive.

Employee Certificate

Find it on my.pinnacle

To make it easy to recognize great workers, you can generate customized certificates on My.Pinnacle. At your next staff meeting, you can easily recognize your stellar employees.


Best Practices

Establish a set time when you recognize great employees. Here are some examples of when you can acknowledge others:

  • During staff meetings

  • In the hallway as they are working

  • At a quarterly or semi-annual event