Discussions & Tagging Users

Tagging users


When you open a survey, the survey results appear on the left of the page. A discussion area opens on the right of the page. This allows you to discuss survey results in RETAIN on the same page as the relevant survey. You can keep track of conversations easily and follow up on the status of action items through the Discussion feature.


Tagging Users

Ensure a specific RETAIN user sees your comments by tagging them in a Discussion comment. To tag a user, press the @ symbol and select the person’s name in the drop down menu.

In the example above, Lucious made a general comment but did not tag any users. When a RETAIN user opens this survey, they will see the comment Lucious left. James, on the other hand, tagged “@Lucious Fox” in his comment. All RETAIN users who open the survey will see the comment James left in the discussion area. However, Lucious will receive an email as well that says he was mentioned in a discussion. If he clicks on the link in his email and logs in, he will see the comment James left for him.