How Google Reviews Work


What Is a Google Review?

Google enables customers to write Google reviews about a company and its services. This feature is integrated with Google’s My Business and Google Maps, making it easy for consumers to see reviews when they search for a company on Google. Once a company receives five or more reviews, a star rating will show up for that company in Google.

iPad Man Pointing to the Google Review

Positive Google Reviews Are Good for Business

As you might guess, having positive reviews on Google improves your business. Google is more likely to improve your Google ranking so that your company shows up better in search results. Customers are also more likely to try your company based on the feedback of others.

Pinnacle’s Promote encourages customers and formerly discharged patients to write their own reviews on Google. These invitations to customers and discharged patients are not incentivized, which is in keeping with Google best practices.

Who Can Post Reviews?

Customers can write reviews for companies. However, companies cannot post reviews for customers. Google verifies reviews so don’t attempt to post reviews for others. Additionally, reviews provide the most value when they are honest.

How Customers Submit Reviews

When a customer has an experience they want to share online, these are the steps they would take to leave a review:

On a Desktop

  1. Search the company name in Google.

  2. If the company provides the option, the knowledge panel on the right of the search area will show detailed company contact information. In this area, a customer can find the Write a Review button.

  3. The customer must be logged in to write a review.

  4. After the review is submitted and approved, the review will appear on the google review section for that company.

On a Smartphone

  1. Open your Google Maps app and search for the company name.

  2. Click on the business listing and more details will appear.

  3. Select the Reviews tab and add a star rating.

How to Manage Your Google Reviews

Once you have verified your Google My Business account, you can manage your reviews online. You cannot remove Google reviews. However, if you feel a review doesn’t meet Google’s guidelines, you can flag the review as inappropriate for Google to assess.

It is a best practice to reply to reviews that customers submit regarding your company—especially when reviews put your company or its services in a bad light. Doing so builds trust with customers that your company cares about the feedback it receives. However, keep in mind that simply replying is not enough. It is imperative to take action to resolve problems when they arise.