Replying to Google Reviews


It’s great to get reviews on Google, but what do you do when you get a negative review?

Ground Rules for Every Review

  1. Read the review carefully. It can help to read the review more than once or out loud. The last thing you want to do is misunderstand what the customer has said.

  2. Acknowledge customers by their name. Start out by making it personal. Let the customer know what you care about them as a person by including their name.

  3. Respond to positive, neutral, and negative reviews. Show your customers that you care about all the reviews that come in.

  4. Be prompt. If someone has taken the time to say something about your company, show that customer the same respect and take time to respond in a timely manner.

Handling Negative Google Reviews

Customer satisfaction is most important after a customer has had a negative experience. While the experience itself may be bad, the way you respond to it can change the outcome of the overall experience.

  1. Process what the customer has said. If you feel defensive, take a time out and cool off. Some negative comments are completely unjustified, some are not. Regardless of the comment, it is important that you respond to negative comments with a level head.

  2. Consider how your response could affect the situation with the client, future clients, and current clients who might see the review.

  3. Respond publicly to public criticism. Many people read reviews. If you respond to a review privately and leave a negative comment unresolved, it can affect how others perceive your company and its conflict resolution skills.

  4. Apologize if it is appropriate for the situation. Take responsibility for problems that have occurred.

  5. Resolve the problem or concern. Show the customer and others who will read this review in the future that you and your company take care of your customers. Consider the cost of acquiring a new customer, obtaining new customers, and the cost of resolving the problem.

Acknowledging Positive Google Reviews

  1. Be sincere.

  2. Respond with unique responses.

  3. Show gratitude.

  4. Find ways to add value. Take your customer satisfaction to the next level by sharing additional resources that can further endear your customers to you.